Managing Training and Assessment Practices

Developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating training and assessment practices it’s the most critical process for RTO’s operations. 

Successful RTOs are able to align training and assessment with compliance requirements, learners, and industry needs. But, how can we ensure the effectiveness of our strategies? This workshop has been designed based on RTO’s best practices, and it’s delivered by an experienced RTO manager and auditor: Javier Amaro.

You will be presented with multiple case studies, samples of effective practices, and a proven method to manage training and assessment practices efficiently and in compliance with the Standards for RTOs.

During the workshop all aspects of the RTO training and assessment practices will be discussed, including amount of training, learner needs, entry requirements, industry engagement, training facilities, training and assessment resources (including human resources), training schedule, and self-assurance processes.

CEO of Insources Group

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